“[Mahoney’s] work keeps the past alive by partnering medievalism with modernity, rendering historical complexities accessible yet heartrending”
“each one hit me like a slap to the face. I read Matilda of Flanders five times back-to-back because I just couldn’t get over it”
“it’d be difficult to find another writer that infuses their work with research and context the way Annabel Mahoney does”

Annabel Mahoney is a writer and essayist based in the UK.10603194_10154526973105507_2914592179252296501_n

She has been shortlisted for a of poetry and prose prizes by the Human Rights Watch, The Literary Association and Forward Poetry and was part of a research team shortlisted for the National Lottery Award for Best Heritage Project in 2016.

Her debut collection Wyf-King is available from Lapwing Publications, and her second, St Crispin in the Trenches, is available with Another New Calligraphy.

Her third collection, All of this ground and influence, is currently under consideration for the Eric Gregory Award.

She is also the Editor in Chief of the Wellington Street Review.