Poetry & Prose


Hernysadharc – VampCat

Enfield, 1978 VampCat


Down the Rainlit Lane – Nightingale and Sparrow

St. Francis at the Fall – Lamplit Underground

La Mante – HORLA: The Home of Intelligent Horror

Letters from Victor Frankenstein to Henry Clerval – Coffin Bell Journal (forthcoming)

if I was a welsh valley singer none of this would have happened – Blue Literary Magazine (forthcoming)

Poetic Translations of Dostoyevsky’s Demons – Homonym Journal

I held aim & we all held out breath – Knight’s Library Magazine

You & Me, Honey, and the Devil Makes Three (for Marya Lebyadkina) Bone & Ink Literary Magazine

On Gilgo Beach – Neon Mariposa

Marinette – Neon Mariposa

Goose-Girl – Ghost City Review

The Last Known Picked-Up Girl – Mookychick

Bon VieMarias at Sampaguitas

East Street in the Rain – Marias at Sampaguitas

The Wound-Space – Burning House Press

Grave of a Suicide Victim – Déraciné Magazine

Eat from the Hand of Paradise – Wilde Boy Literary Magazine

Benediction (The Prayer) – Nightingale and Sparrow

Case #265 – Honest Ulsterman

Talking at Eighteen in the Pub – VampCat Magazine

Thirty-Nine – Riggwelter Press

At A Push – Occulum Journal

Another Castle – Chantwood Magazine (Issue 15)

The Other Guernica – The London Transport Museum (featured as part of the Tottenham to the Trenches Somme Centenary Exhibition; finalist for the National Lottery Award for ‘Best Heritage Project’ 2016)


Some Foreign Field – The Literary Association in conjunction with the Human Rights Watch

Peccavi – Forward Poetry

Autumn – Young Writers


Skindress – RECLAIM: An Anthology of Women’s Poetry